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We believe in teaching the younger generations to be Independent, Confident and Successful in making great Life and Business Decisions.

Clarissa is very passionate about helping all children and teenagers who have or are being bullied.

Bullying affects everyone from the victim, bully and bystander. That’s why Clarissa volunteers, works with schools and communities to help children in difficult circumstances.

These programs are designed for Teens and Tweens who really want to learn to be more confident, handle stress, build self esteem, learn about money and become great money managers and much, much more. These programs have been trialled and comments have been very positive and life changing for those who participated.

Clarissa’s goal is to help Young Children to be happy and made great life choices for their future.

There is a program called “Magic Tools to overcome bullying and other stressful stuff!” which is an easy and fun book to read and do actives and learn about your emotions and confident.

For More information about what Clarissa can help and offer to you and your family, please send us a message.

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