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I enjoy sharing some of the information I read and listen too as a member of GIN Evolve –
The end result of studying our GIN materials is that it helps us become more efficient, both in our personal lives as well as our professional lives. As GIN members, we hold a higher standard for ourselves. Here are some great methods I use to be able to prepare myself to serve humanity at my very best.

Do your best in everything you do. Never allow yourself to operate with an intentionally poor performance. As long as you do your authentic best, you can always walk with your head up, no matter how the chips fall.

Be efficient. It is not about doing things right, but doing the right thing. You can do everything right on a project, but if it is the wrong project, you will not be efficient. I give my team who works for me complete liberty to work however they wish on a project as long as it’s the right project they are working on.

Look your Best. As my Millionaire Mentor taught me, “You can’t sell a dream looking like a nightmare”. Dressing and Grooming well (even if it is jeans and boots) is an art of class. Creating personal presence is a success dynamic that can help make you a great leader, and wealthy too!

Why is our club the greatest membership club in the world? Because it helps us to be, have and do our best in the fine art of living and serving. Let me help you become Platinum. It is a wonderful position to achieve, and an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. We are all on a mission to “Go and Grow GIN,” and we need your help to do it! Join us in the cause to make our membership the key factor of empowering people to do more, be more and have more. Written by Don Boyer – GIN Member.

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