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A World of Training, Online. Convenient and Compelling.

There’s long been a need for high quality, interactive training that busy people can experience conveniently—whenever they want, wherever they are. Planet Freedom is the solution. We combine 25+ years of workshop teaching experience with the best minds in web and mobile technology, to deliver bite-sized videos on your smart phone, tablet or computer. You will learn how to train your memory to recall the most important information to your life and business, how to set and accomplish your goals, how to be efficient and effective with your time, and so much more.

Why Do You Need To Join?

People Ready to Know Their Full Potential. People Like You.

If you feel there is potential inside of you that is locked up. If you feel tired of the status quo and know you deserve better results. If you are ready for real change and believe that there must be a better way. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have the flexibility to travel or take time off for live seminars—but know you have a few minutes each day to invest in your own development. If you’re ready to learn what’s inside you, you too are ready to join the Planet Freedom Community.

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“From a money standpoint – this is one of the best investments in yourself and your business one can make. My life will not be on the same path it was once on! Thank you!”

Mark Nehrkorn, Manager - Safety Services at SICK
“I loved the passion, enthusiasm and intelligence with which you deliver your programs. I have received a tremendous amount of value. Thank you for making me a better person, a better leader and Compass a better company.”
Darren Powderly, Partner - Compass Commercial Real Estate

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