Planet Freedom

Planet Freedom

It’s a lot more than just memory training!

Learn how to train your memory and recall the most important information to your life, how to set and accomplish goals, how to be efficient and effective with your time, and so much more.

Planet Freedom combines more than 25 years of workshop teaching experience with the best minds in web and mobile technology, to deliver bite-sized videos on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Why Do You Need to Join?

Harness the full power of you on mind in just a few minutes each day. If you’re ready for real change and believe that change is possible if you could just harness the full power of your mind, but your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to travel or take time off for seminars. Planet Freedom is the answer. With the right tools you only need to invest a few minutes into your personal development each day to see real improvement. If you’re ready to learn what’s inside you, you’re ready to join the Planet Freedom Community.

For people who are ready to know their full potential. People like you. Are you ready?

and find out what’s stopping you.

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Planet Freedom is a steppingstone to GIN United Club. I make nothing from planet freedom but recommend if you are wanting to get better results in your life you can start here:


The Global Information Network teachers you how to BE DO HAVE anything and everything you choose in your life, with a network full of experts and professionals and club members who are passionate about helping you succeed and when you plug into the system of reading books, listening to audios, attending events, networking, experiences and you have global mentors and a proven system.  Get your FREE YWYC audio series here now or learn more –

Clarissa is a Creatrix® Transformologist for women and also part of The Global Information Network.

Creatrix® helps EMULATE that real-life wake up call, ensuring LASTING results and breaking the intergenerational cycle that holds us back. or learn more here: Creatrix 

The Global Information Network teaches you how to BE DO HAVE anything and everything in your life with a network full of experts and professionals. Learn More here: Gin United 


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