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Everyone that wants to be truly Happy in their life, needs to do some type of personal learning.  This can be learning for business – go here to learn more about Business Strategies or Personal Growth sessions – from the mindset and spiritual based learning.  Both Business and Personal learning, ends up being about YOU and how you react to events and situations in your life.

What you will be learning through our systems are:

  • Positive Thinking and Gratitude
  • Awareness
  • Inner Wisdom
  • Relationships
  • Mind, Body, Soul Connection

Some of our programs carry through to our Business Programs like:

  • Leadership
  • Team Spirit
  • Conflict and Personalities

We run workshops, one on one, online sessions and camps for Adults and Youth.

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Our Expertise in Personal Awareness and our Programs:

  • Awareness and Spiritual Based Programs – Ordained Ministerial Counsellor with Pathways of Light® Spiritual College
  • Youth Life Trainer
  • Global Information Network – Serious Power Mind Learning for the Business Entrepreneur
  • Law of Attraction Facilitator

We have Qualified Counsellors and Experts available.

Our Team offers you:

  • A safe, non judgmental, empathetic and understanding relationship.
  • Development of awareness of Self and Soul through our Programs.
  • Assistance in your journey of healing from traumas.
  • Developing better relationships.
  • Promoting awareness, understanding and coping strategies in our lives.
  • Coaching and training with Conflict Resolution and problem solving – Conflict Solving Styles & Problem Solving Steps.
  • Help and support with parenting issues and challenging children.

We are associated with the world renown myglobalsciences foundation with experts – Dr Steve G Jone Ed.D and Dr Joe Vitale