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Personal Development and Business Mentor

Live Life to the Fullest!

Give yourself power, joy, freedom and wisdom.

I started my journey of change in 1999 after the birth of my first child, the biggest and best shock of my life. I know had a baby girl Jessie to love and cherish I wasn’t in the best relationship at the time and wasn’t financially free.

I was starting to realise that I needed more. I saw a book advertised on property and brought it. My mind was ticking over. After a separation in 2001, I was determined to find change in me and learn how I could be more confident and financially free. I wanted to be a property developer. I purchased my first rent to purchase house and a little over twelve months later purchased my first rental property. In the meantime, I brought the Anthony Robbins package. I listened, practised and learnt…


With only with the Best

Clarissa’s high end consulting firm Eagles IV Pty Ltd is a professional organisation with Expert Consultants and Mentors that will help you create your own personal growth, development and rapid business success from strategies that are creative, highly tuned and branded.


Clarissa’s key area’s of Expertise, Experience and Knowledge cover:

  • Business Management and Systems
  • Ordained Ministerial Counsellor with Pathways of Light® Spiritual College
  • GIN Evolve Learning Centre

  • Think and Grow Rich and Law of Attraction Sessions
  • Power of Positive Thinking
  • Financial Literacy Trainer – Adults and Youth
  • Magic Tools for Life Consultant and Trainer – Adults and Youth
  • Leadership Training
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Social Media and Website Development Expert
  • Team Training
  • Property Developer and Consultant
  • Bookkeeper and Accounts – Tafe Training
  • Administration Traineeship
  • Business Administration IV
  • Mind, Body, Soul Training – Diploma in Esthetician
  • Financial Literacy Counsellor – ASIC MoneySmart – Click here to Find Me

7 Reasons Why You Should Work with Clarissa

  • Engage Clarissa and her team to work with your business team or community associations

  • Engage Clarissa and her team to work with your business team or community associations
  • Work with Clarissa and her team in a collaboratively beneficial venture
  • Join one of Clarissa’s Online or Face to Face Business Growth Events or Programs
  • Join Clarissa’s exclusive Maverick Club
  • Invite Clarissa to speak at your event as a keynote
  • Invite Clarissa to contribute to your business publication or be interviewed as an expert

Join my community NOW!

It’s important to keep learning and growing within you and your business, and you can do this by connecting with like-minded people who have real life experiences.
Therefore, I have created this environment for you to learn and grow.

Sign up here to receive these FREE series and much more. These audios and ebooks are valued at $3,259.00

  • GIN Evolve Audio Series

  • Mindset Matters in Business 6 Day Program

  • Get More Customers Ebook Series

  • Think Rich Laws
  • Procrastination
  • Other Resources – Bonus Ebooks coming your way

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Clarissa Leary is a Strategic Business Owner in Australia, who consults and mentors business owners and their team.  Clarissa has worked and trained with some of the most Influential Entrepreneur’s around the world and has rapidly increased her personal wealth and development through strategic strategies and experience. She is well known for her passionate drive and awareness of how your own personal learning and awareness can rapidly bring increased business success, in the meaning, that if you teach yourself you will be rewarded in business and life.  Clarissa has provided expert services to 1,000’s of business owners taking their business to the next level.

“Clarissa has been amazing helping with me with my employees and building a great team environment, thanks, we are now seeing more results.”

Myra, Sandy Bay

“I have been using Clarissa’s services for over 12 months now and my business has grow by 30%, I feel more in control and ready to take my business to another new level.”

Matt, Hobart

“Clarissa has helped me with my personal development and business strategies to take my business to a 50% jump in profits. Great content, great work, love it and recommend her.”

Catharyn, USA

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