How Bullying Affects Our Beloved Children

Every single day, young children go through the destructive consequences that result from bullying in schools. Bullying doesn’t just impact the children concerned, but also includes damaging effects on the entire school environment.

Bystanders who witness bullying may possibly worry or fear that they can be the next victims or perhaps think that these abusive actions are okay and can be tolerable.

Bullying brings about both short-term and long-lasting damage associated with:

Psychological Health
A child who is a victim of bullying may suffer with feelings of self-pity, a sense of shame, constant anxiety, low self-esteem, depression as well as suicide. Studies indicate that it can be sometimes difficult for the child involved to raise his or her confidence level thus, resulting to hazardous actions towards himself /herself and to others.

Physical Problems
Victims of bullying often have noticeable bruises as well as wounds and injuries coming from harassment, and may be dealing with sleep interruptions, bed wetting, and psychosomatic pains.

Interpersonal and Social Difficulty
Kids who are being bullied often carry unacceptable or inappropriate social skills, social isolation, incorrect social ideas and perceptions. Due to these misconceptions, it is hard for them to feel a sense of belongingness within a group.

School Setting
In school, most bullied kids demonstrate problems in concentrating, show poor academic performance, absenteeism, and may also illustrate a dysfunctional school connectedness and increasing school violence.

Kids who suffer from bullying tend to bring problems in the society. These problems may involve alcohol as well as drug abuse, gang engagement, increasing violence, criminal offenses.

Bullying is definitely a critical issue which can’t be ignored. Statistics indicate that:
When asked in regards to the main concerns impacting children these days, more 8-15 year olds have cited bullying compared to those who selected drugs, alcohol, racial discrimination, or peer pressure to engage in premarital sex.

Children who suffer from bullying are more likely going to end up being depressed than kids who don’t suffer from bullying. They tend to be suicidal than those who have not suffered from bullying.

The issue has become so critical that bullying continues to be deemed as a public health issue plaguing our own society.

It’s very important that we tackle bullying with young children in order to maintain the safety of our schools and the rest of the environment. If you are interested to be a part of our mission, contact us and we’ll be more than grateful for your help.

Posted By: Clarissa Leary


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