GIN Evolve Global Relaunch Meeting & Training (Australia)

Please join us to meet our Director of Global Expansion, Lee Kenny. He will work closely with the leaders in each respective area of the globe to support the expansion of GIN as we continue to positively influence the world, one Member at a time. Lee has extensive experience with international business and social media over the years. He is a true asset to the GIN team, GIN Club and overall movement.

What he knew someday would happen, had started to become a reality and everything once again started to align with crystal clear focus and direction. The vision that GIN was relaunching and all the right pieces were coming back together.

Come listen and share more of this magnificent story with Lee Kenny personally in Sydney and also learn more about the current status of your life’s journey.

Here are 3 BIG REASONS why you should attend

  • GIN is growing and one of the first things we discussed was how to ensure that members like you in Australia feel valued and an important part of the GIN family.

  • At this meeting, not only will you find out what’s new in GIN, but also share your view of how we can enhance your club experience moving forward.

  • There is no cost to attend, but you must register in advance. As this is the first meeting held in Australia in quite some time, I expect spaces will be snapped up fast.

Global Relaunch Meeting & Training (Australia)
Saturday, November 25th, 9am to 3pm
Downtown Sydney Business District
Sydney, Australia

This meeting is open to both past & present GIN members and their guests. Register yourself immediately, so you are guaranteed entry. Seats will be allocated to those who pre-register on a first come, first served basis.

Register Now!

Posted By: Clarissa Leary


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