September 29

What is Fear?

What hold’s you back consciously and subconsciously?

We all have those fears that stop us or slow us down.

What is Fear?

False evidence appearing real

When you think about it, it’s that part of our mind that tells us we can’t do things, you’re not good enough and worry. As I call it “The Scumbag” Voice that makes up stories that are not real.
For example – Speaking up in a meeting asking a question your scumbag voice is saying “People might laugh at me, It’s a stupid question”

What are the chances of that happening – Nil?

Most people are thinking about the same thing and how many times have you seen someone laughed at when they ask a question in a group?
So, Fear is False evidence appearing real and you can stop it in its tracks.

Awareness and then

Acknowledge it

Don’t Judge it just notice.

Then pick another identity within yourself that’s going to support you for example – the confident you or the bold you.

Then Act Now

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