Give yourself

power, joy, freedom and wisdom.

Live the life you choose with Creatrix®.


Do you experience?

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Yelling at your kids
  • Fighting with your partner
  • Feeling of helplessness, worthless, low self-esteem
  • Fears – failure, success and more
  • Financial issues
  • Lack of independence
  • Angry
  • Resentment

Do you want to feel?

  • Confident
  • Strong
  • Bold
  • Happy
  • Be financial independent
  • Have great relationships with your partner, children, and others
  • Love your business and be successful
  • Want to be the role model you have always wanted to your children



If any of the above resonate with you, then your in the right spot, I felt drained, unhappy, anxious, angry and just plain bloody fed up with my business, my partner and my life in general.   Then one day I read something that really resonated with me and it felt like it was the answer to all my challenges. 

I just wanted to feel confident, happy, great relationships, clarity and be financially free.

The next step changed my life completely and it was fast.

All those years of different programs and counselling and what I learned changed it all. 


No more counselling or psychologists 

I was so empowered with clarity and focus, I just had to help other women who were feeling like me.



Setting you free from all that holds you back

Identifying that precise moment (the wake-up moment that occurs for just a few) that transforms a women’s life from mundane to awe-inspiring.

It is that moment that (positively) affects every choice a person makes for the rest of their life.

That is called Transformology® and is done by doing Creatrix®

What is Creatrix®

From her study Maz created a revolutionary approach considered to be a significant breakthrough for the industry of mental and emotional health.

As a result, Maz designed (Creatrix® for women and Innovatrix® for men) that helps EMULATE that real-life wake up call, ensuring LASTING results and breaking the intergenerational cycle that holds us back. She has many years of video EVIDENCE from hundreds of women in 7 countries showing their transformations from cyclic personal sabotage, to complete freedom to live fulfilled business and personal lives.

See whether


can help you in just one or two steps.

Step 1 – Find out what’s holding you back.

Do you sometimes feel that what you want from life is always just out of your reach? In reality, this is likely to be just some unconscious blocks that are causing you to sabotage yourself.

For me I would be successful in business… but only to a certain point … then I felt stuck… unable to move forward. I was living a nightmare. I felt like I was just one step away from real success, but unable to take that step.

The first step is to identify what’s preventing you from having a great life, relationships, business success, wealth and even being a great mum… Creatrix® certainly helped me to move forward… and it can work for you too.

Book a one hour Blockage Identifier call with me today and I can identify those limiting sub-conscious beliefs… and start the process of reversing their effect on your life.

Step 2 – Long-lasting results for women

Creatrix® is a five tier program designed to:

  • Release
    Emotional and Limiting Blockages
  • Re-learn
    Unique personal life lesson’s and tools to attain real freedom
  • Re-code
    Your brain to remove inherited negative patterning
  • Re-frame
    Your perspective of who you are and what you are capable of
  • Re-create
    The life you thought was an impossible dream

Now you’re free… take that extra step up.

What do 

you get

The Creatrix® reprogram experience which is up to 6 sessions over 6 weeks (variations can apply where you may require less or more and this program is designed to be personally designed for a complete experience for you),  an additional 2 sessions over 12 months if you require, discounts to events and other bonuses along the way.

Want to book your Creatrix® Session here now, first we do your blockage call for $47 and Clarissa will see if you’re ready to clear your blocks, then she will book in your Creatrix® sessions. 

Creatrix® is not for everyone and this will be fully explained throughout your blockage call session.

Book here now – fill out your details and Clarissa will book in your first session.

Step 3 – When Your Blocks are Gone – Energy Flows Freely!

Time to ramp up your life. Step 3 – is entirely optional.

As part of your Creatrix® experience, you can join Clarissa’ Mastermind group

Creatrix® Mastermind Membership is only $19.00 per month no lock in contracts – TICK YES

Creatrix® Mastermind

To give you the powerhouse of accountability and the best impact in learning.  Clarissa is apart of some of the most influential entrepreneurs around the world and has proven business and personal growth to help you move forward quickly.

  • Monthly Mastermind with our group
    This is a focus group to help women feel confident, strong and independent. The group is to support you and provide advice, ask questions, share experiences and keep you on track
  • Quarterly Planning Mastermind
    This will focus on your personal or business goals and really give you clarity for moving forward.
  • Ongoing Facebook group where you can ask and share information
  • One on One questions to Clarissa in the group
  • Ongoing updates to keep you focused






Be the change

you want to see in the world.