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clarissa leary

From living in public housing and experiencing life shattering trauma to owning multiple businesses,

a number of investment properties and a rural retreat, Clarissa Leary’s story has inspired women to pick up the pieces and make simple changes that alter their life’s course.

She disliked school and life became an endless cycle of disappointment and hopelessness… interrupted fortunately… by the birth on her first child. A reason to reach for something more. Change came in the form of property investment and training with some of the world’s most Influential Entrepreneurs.

She is known for her personal drive and her willingness to pass on her secrets to help others rapidly increase business success, create fulfilling personal relationships and live a life of genuine, sustainable freedom. Clarissa is focused on changing lives for Women all around the world as a Creatrix® Transformologist ®, helping women release deep mental and emotional blocks that have been sabotaging their relationships, life and financial freedoms.