January 12

Can Past Traumas be Used Constructively?

Psychological trauma is a mental damage that is experienced by a person in their past. Dealing with trauma is very hard because it rests in the mental state of a person. It is harder to treat than an open wound because mental scars are deep and require therapy and a lot of time for recovery. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is especially hard since it allows a victim to relive the traumatic event and therefore disables them from operating normally in society. Constant therapy is needed to treat trauma. People who have successfully managed to overcome their traumas are integrated back to society, but they still carry the burden of their traumas with them. It serves as a powerful reminder for them of what happened in their lives. Some do share their journey that they had and some make them as their inspirations. People who have experienced trauma constructively make use of their experience by: 

Writing a Book/Song 

Getting your story across. Recounting the events that occurred and putting them on paper can be painful, but it helps to get your point across. It helps spread your story to people who might also be afflicted by the same painful experience you have gone through and let people see through your point of view, struggles, and decisions leading up to your recovery. Not only does this inspire people, but can also help them move forward to face their own problems and traumas. 

Becoming a Support Person 

Group of people holding hands to support each other who have been going through tough times

Having experienced trauma firsthand, it is possible to give good advice or ways to treat the same trauma another person might be suffering from. It is also possible to lend support by just being with another victim, some don’t like to talk about it and just want the company of others. 

Creating a Product/Business that can Help Avoid Future Traumas 

Recovering from trauma and having an idea on how it can affect daily life, anyone would undoubtedly feel out of place. It is not a deterrent to running a business, and it certainly isn’t something to be ashamed of. Although there is no assurance that the outcome would really be able to help victims 100%, it should be able to ease their problems. 

Trying to build and achieve something out of painful experience is a noteworthy endeavor. Not everyone will be enthusiastic or even trust the words as truth, but it should not impair the author or the creator to disregard their desire to share their stories and achieve success.  

The first step to overcome trauma is to be aware of how it affects you and your well being and determined to overcome the patterns that have not been created because of the trauma. There are many effective, long term natural solutions to reprogram traumas to allow you to get on with your life, clearing processes like Creatrix, Innovatrix, thought field therapy, energy work and many more! 


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