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The Business Centre for Business Consulting and Mentoring Services

Move your Business Forward today……  You owe it to yourself and your Business!

Are you really happy in your Business or are you Stressed and Working Long Hours?
Are you bogged down with the general day to day running of your business and are just trying to stay a float!
Working Long Hours?
Working Hard for your Money?

Whether you are Self Employed, an Employer of a large Business or run a team of employees, you have the choice to take your Business to the next level. If the old strategies are not working, then that’s where we come in, we have a number of Business Systems that will move you forward.

What can a Business Consultant do for you and your Business?

We look at your Business from the outside in. Consider at your systems, you, your staff and we help you set your goals and outcomes. Focus at your short falls and come with with some clear strategies to move forward.

You need us because we have the Expertise, Knowledge, Skills and Experience which makes all the difference, we work together with you on your business, we will increase your client base and sales.

We give you the willingness to go beyond your comfort zone.  You will clearly be able to identify where you want to be, and we will keep you on track to achieve your goals.

All Great Business Leaders have always had a Business Consultant or Mentor to help them in their business, it’s about having fresh eyes, solving problems.  To be in Business, you must have a number of Experts on your Team.

Our Services and Objectives

If you want Progress, Results in Your Business, we will show you how.  If you want More Sales, More Clients and More Cash, we will show you how.

We will support you and develop your skills and strategies that you need to have a Super Successful Business and you will have more confidence to take on bigger challenges and great responsibility.  You will be a great leader and a leader to yourself.  You will discover a new you and the potential you have to be the best you can.

Our Services are broken up into Four Major Sections – Click to view our large range of Programs

The types of programs available under the Workplace Programs are:

We design the Programs around your Business Needs from Personal Development, Client Services, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, Communications and Conflict Management, Business Management and Planning and more.

The Benefits to You, Your Business and Your Team

Because you are taking a step to be Working ON Your Business and not IN Your Business, you will see the most powerful of changes in yourself, your team and your business results from:

  • Uncover your Leadership skills
  • Achieve team synergy
  • Create your True Vision and stay connected to your Vision so you can easily walk the path to success – in all your lives – Financial, Relationships, Physical and Spiritual
  • Discover and understand “Emotional Intelligence”
  • Manage  your cultural and organisationalworkplace diversity
  • Develop a range of effective communication, conflict resolution and presentation styles and strategies
  • Identify stress factors and develop appropriate stress management strategies
  • Greater understanding of yourself and others
  • Develop Clarity, Focus and Balance
  • Develop Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Leadership of yourself and others
  • Build productive relationships, both professional and personal
  • Improvement in performance and profits
  • Retention of Experts for your business
  • Cost effective outsourcing
  • Ongoing Training programs and development

You have two choices – Do Nothing or Take Action!

Our Training and Workshops are either: one-on-one consulting, groups, webinars, online skype sessions or telephone.

Contact us to make your appointment either using or Contact Form or Contact our Office on 0428 58 11 83

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