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Where I started?

I started my journey of change in 1999 after the birth of my first child, the biggest and best shock of my life.  I now had a baby girl Jessie to love and cherish.  I wasn’t in the best relationship at the time and wasn’t financially free.

I was starting to realise that I needed more.  I saw a book advertised on property and brought it.  My mind was ticking over.  After a relationship separation in 2001, I was determined to find change in me and learn how I could be more confident and financially free.  I goal was to be a property developer.  I purchased my first rent to purchase house and a little over twelve months later purchased my first rental property.  In the meantime, I brought the Anthony Robbins package: I listened, practised and learnt.

After meeting Bruce, my new partner in late 2003, I was well on my way to more properties, renovations, moving houses, then building them in 2006.  I had my second child in 2006, a girl Ella.  I was a little lost after this for a while and knew I needed help.  I found the perfect life coach, who is still my mentor today.  After lots of mentoring courses, books, practising, seminars on property, business and mindset, I have kept travelling along the road to inner peace, being financially free and happiness.  The journey has been absolutely amazing, lots of great experiences and learning curves along the way.

Now I have moved into the industry of coaching and website development.  This is what I love and I love helping others find easier ways to succeed in business.

In 2012, I will have the pleasure of helping my Life Coach run one of the most powerful courses around the world today.  It’s purely about love and connection and really that is all there is.


Interview with Clarissa Leary and Bruce Sloan

Company Name: Think Rich Be Rich and Cash Online Made Simple
Company Address: 474 Mt Rumney Road, Mt Rumney 7017
Phone Number 0428581183
Website: Think Rich Be Rich

1.) Can you tell us a little about your company about your business coaching service?

Our services are a little different from other Business Coaches, because we are teaching our clients mindset skills as well as marketing strategies. We are experts in the Business and Property field and have a number of courses. There are mindset, sale and marketing and business systems courses. We specialise in helping business owners make net profits from their business, starting a new business, how to start in property and making money online.

What is new or what services you have right now for people looking for some help with their business?

We are now developing the Law of Success Course, which will be a great benefit to clients and to online clients. This course will run over a number of weeks and will include teleconferences. This course will be at www.thinkrichberich.com.au

We have just launched the Local Smart Connect Business Kit, this kit helps all Business Owners to Connect with Their Clients the Smart Way. Many small to medium business owners either have a website that doesn’t work or don’t have a website at all. They are really behind the eight ball when it comes to marketing their business and keeping in contact with their clients. This kit is a DIY Kit that show them how to get traffic to their website, how to make their website smart device friendly and marketing strategies. We also offer our clients website setup if they do not have a website and full maintenance of that website or their existing website if they do not want to do the work themselves. This is at www.localsmartconnect.com

2) From your experience, what type of customers searches for your services? Who is your ideal/typical customer?

People who are committed and want more than just strategies. They understand that they also need mindset skills to succeed in making more money.

Business owners who are bogged down in their business and need help to work on their business not in their business. They want more time and money which creates for them FREEDOM.

3) What do you love the most of your business, what is the best part of your type of work?

Helping others, our motto is Live a Life and Give a Life. There are lots of great strategies in Business that are really cheap, business owners don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to see results. I love seeing how our clients are growing.

4) Please highlight some of your services. Tell us a little about each service so our visitors know exactly the benefits of choosing your company.

– Business Plans and Clients Profiles
It’s important to get the finer details of a business correct, systems manuals, plan and client profiles. This sets your goals in place and how you are going to achieve them right from the start. You then have something to work towards.

– Website Designers and Developers
Websites, Social Media and Smart Devices are the new technology for Marketing your business. This can be cost effective if you do your research, you don’t need to be spending thousands of dollars on these marketing strategies. We show our clients why they are important, how to do it and maintain this for them if required. We setup up websites from scratch.

– Online Strategies
For clients who want to make money online, we can show them simple strategies that are free or very inexpensive to make this work for them. We show them how to find a niche, how to setup websites, what products and services and more.

– Property Strategies
For clients who want to be Property Developers, we can show them how to look for properties, how to do the stats, what to look for, how to renovate, build or subdivide, rentals and more. We are active in the Property Industry building new homes, renovations and rentals.

– Mindset Skills
You can have all the strategies under the sun, but if you have limiting beliefs on what you can earn, then this stops you every time. We work through the mindset skills that are required to be wealthy.

– Sales and Marketing
– The key to any Business, you must be doing Sales and Marketing to Make Money – if you are not connecting with your clients, you do not have a business. We show you simple strategies for making more money in Business.

5) An average day for you would involve…….

Contact with my clients, meetings, seminars, websites, researching, sales and marketing.

6) Why do your clients return to you?

Because what I have to offer works, its practical, it’s easy to understand. We develop mindset and business strategies that are long term.

7) Where do you see the business coaching industry heading in Australia?

More and more people are becoming aware that they need more money for retirement and that being an employee, doesn’t give them the extra money. The only way you can make money is in Business and then investing that income.

This realisation will see the Business Coaching Industry grow, it already has over the past 5 to 10 years.

8.) Why business coaching? how did you get started?

I love helping people, I have worked on my personal development very heavily over the past 10 years and lots of people asked me for advice and help, so I decided that this was the field that I enjoyed and it was my passion to see others succeed and make lots of money as well as developing their mindsets.

9) Please share one last message to our site visitors. Make them an invitation to visit your company/website, and please indicate 3 AMAZING reasons to choose you as their next business coach…

If you are in Business or want to be in Business – then you have taken the first step to being Financially Free. It’s all about knowledge and learning from other Experts, we have the skills, mindset and knowledge to take YOU and Your Business to the next level.


* We are active in Property, Internet, Business and Mindset
* We want to see our clients Make Money, that makes us HAPPY
* We have learnt from the Best
* We love helping others
* We are honest, reliable people and you can speak to us face to face

Come and see our websites at www.thinkrichberich.com.au (Business and Property Coaching)
www.cashonlinemadesimple.com (Cash Online Strategies)
www.localsmartconnect.com (Website Designers and Developers)


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“You can let the same force that makes flowers grow and planets move run your life or you can do it yourself.”

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