Where I started?

I started my journey of change in 1999 after the birth of my first child, the biggest and best shock of my life. I know had a baby girl Jessie to love and cherish I wasn’t in the best relationship at the time and wasn’t financially free.

I was starting to realise that I needed more. I saw a book advertised on property and brought it. My mind was ticking over. After a separation in 2001, I was determined to find change in me and learn how I could be more confident and financially free. I wanted to be a property developer. I purchased my first rent to purchase house and a little over twelve months later purchased my first rental property. In the meantime, I brought the Anthony Robbins package. I listened, practised and learnt...    
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  • Pros and Cons of Joining a Family Business

    There's a lot to be said for working with family, but it isn't all good. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider before joining the family business. Pros: Sustainability Family businesses are more likely to make better long-term decisions, taking the future of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren into account. They often contribute […] Read the rest

  • Essential tips for launching a new product

    Launching a new product can sometimes be extremely frustrating for small business owners. Unless you have a massive budget to spend on advertising your new product, you need to find efficient, yet budget-friendly solutions that will make it available to your target customers. Based on these facts, it can be safely said that all small […] Read the rest

  • Tips for successful job interview

    The job market today has becoming very complex; therefore people seeking employment are constantly facing a fierce competition. New technologies and processes they involve,  legislation and growing demand for goods and services have resulted in very skillful professions. People applying for positions today are constantly ‘offering’ more and more skills that will attract employers and […] Read the rest

  • January Update

    2015 has started off very busy! From January i have been managing our property business.  This business has had a massive growth over the past twelve months, i put this down to our personal growth from learning from the Global Information Network. I will be teaching this wonderful program in 2015 and my goal is […] Read the rest

  • Stock Hunting Game: Make your investment more productive

    Investing in Stocks/Bonds has become one of the major ways people invest their funds in last hundred years or there about. With the advent of Internet Online trading this activity was liberalized even more. We can read about ‘ordinary’ people ‘socking’ their money almost at every pay-check in order to save for the ‘rainy day’ […] Read the rest

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Clarissa has helped me with my personal development and business strategies to take my business to a 50% jump in profits. Great content, great work, love it and recommend her.
Catharyn, USA
Clarissa has been amazing helping with me with my employees and building a great team environment, thanks, we are now seeing more results
Myra, Sandy Bay
I have been using clarissa’s services for over 12 months now and my business has grow by 30%, I feel more in control and ready to take my business to another new level.
Matt, Hobart

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