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I’m a passionate business owner in Tasmania, who quickly grew my online & consulting business worldwide.   I’ve worked & trained with some of the most Influential Entrepreneurs around the world & rapidly increased my personal wealth & development through strategies.


I’m well known for my passion on how your own personal learning can rapidly bring increased business success: that if you teach yourself you’ll be rewarded in business & life. I travel regularly for business, & hire the best experts in business from around the world.


My high end consulting firm Eagles IV Pty Ltd is a professional organisation with Expert Consultants and Mentors that will help you create your own personal growth, development and rapid business success from strategies that are creative, highly tuned and branded.

Want to get SMART TIPS from me?
Clarissa has helped me with my personal development and business strategies to take my business to a 50% jump in profits. Great content, great work, love it and recommend her.
Catharyn, USA
Clarissa has been amazing helping with me with my employees and building a great team environment, thanks, we are now seeing more results
Myra, Sandy Bay

I have been using  Clarissa’s services for over 12 months now and my business has grow by 30%, I feel more in control and ready to take my business to another new level.

Matt, Hobart


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We work as a single united team with with a number of business owners and managers, helping them see new strategies and awareness that may not be visible to them as they are too closed to be objective about changes that are needed or their belief systems are causing limiting ideas for growth.